love letters

Little notes of happiness are why I love what I do!

“Beverly is our fairy godmother. We hired Bev as our month-out wedding planner. I have zero regrets from our wedding other than not hiring her for full wedding planning. 


You fall in love with her from the moment you meet her. She has this phenomenal energy that puts you at ease immediately. You know she’s got it under control. 


Bev is responsive, organized, thoughtful, thorough, smart, creative, calm, and experienced. She helped me organize every detail of our day by creating lists and strategies so our day could be seamless. She helped me think of details and ideas I never would’ve thought of on my own. Everything was planned and ready to go well in advance of our wedding day because of her. 


There was truly nothing for me to worry about when it came time for the big day. I was so relaxed because I knew she had our backs. She even made sure my husband and I had some time alone after the ceremony to have something to eat, have a drink, and just enjoy the moment together. It was so thoughtful. 


I told Bev that when I saw her on our wedding day my body and mind completely relaxed. Everything was ready to go. She put out the little fires so well that we didn’t even know anything happened until everything was solved. 


Our wedding was the most beautiful and fun day of my life. I enjoyed every moment of it because I was actually able to! We have Bev to thank for that. 


Stop looking elsewhere for your wedding planner. Stop right now! Bev is your gal. 


Thank you so much for everything, Beverly!!! We will forever be thankful for you, for your talent, and for your hard work.”

Kelly & Jarred


We just wanted to start by saying thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day perfect. The wedding planning process went so much smoother having you there with us. We didn’t really know how much we needed your planning services until we started working with you. You were always a call or text away to answer our millions of questions daily. Our wedding day went off perfectly and we were able to enjoy every moment without worrying about vendors or a timeline. We are so thankful for your guidance and most importantly your friendship through it all!

We love you!

Jen and Aaron Berman


Where do I even begin in thanking you for not only making my wedding day more than perfect, but also making the wedding planning process along the way bearable. Although I had only hired you to help me a month before and the day of, you went above and beyond and were always there to answer any questions I had, give me advice, accompany me to vendor appointments, provide me with recommendations for favors/napkins, and the list goes on. But beyond that, you were always a phone call or text message away, most of the time just to let me vent about whatever I was stressing about that day. You always made me feel like everything was going to be “okay” and that is what I needed.

In terms of my wedding “look”, you helped make my modern white/silver wedding come to fruition. All the little details you recommended and helped me pick out such as the silver foil napkins, the custom wedding logo, the menus, and mints on the bar made it all come full circle. When I walked into the room that day, I got chills because all of “our” hard work made it all worth it.

Of course, who can forget the morning of my wedding day when my ceremony singer canceled on me about 6 hours before my wedding was called for. This may have been a brides worst nightmare but you quickly thought on your feet, called everyone and everywhere in South Florida, and not only found me a “replacement”, but the replacement was outstanding. Not one guest knew that she wasn’t actually planned to sing all along during our ceremony and everyone thought she was incredible.

I could go on and on about everything you did, but the pictures speak for themselves. And through it all, I walked out with not only my “wedding planner” but a very dear friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did, the below smile on our faces says it all. We love and appreciate you!

Very Truly Yours,

Danielle Ostrovsky

Ryan and I are so grateful to have worked with Beverly on our wedding day. I met with Beverly before our wedding and went over all the vendors and she provided a detailed timeline. Beverly was extremely quick to respond with any questions we had prior to the wedding. It was very helpful that she has worked with many of the vendors before and knew their styles and what they would need. On the day of the wedding Beverly ensured everything went smoothly – and it did! We had a large wedding party and big families and Beverly helped move things along. She was always there for me if I needed to vent, someone to fix my bustle or even grab a drink! My only regret is not hiring Beverly earlier!


I’m not sure if it does this note does justice for what you did for me.

I can’t thank you enough️.

Love, Hilary

Beverly was a great asset to my wedding day. The entire day and event went off without a hitch! I never felt stressed or worried, she was on top of everything every step of the away!

She was a joy to work with and I know we will stay in touch after the wedding.

Michelle & Adam Cooper

To say that Beverly made my whole wedding experience amazing is an understatement. She not only took the time to do research to find me the best florist and best Chuppah maker but the gifts that I gave out were exactly what I was looking for. My wedding day was exactly what I wanted it to be, I felt calm and relaxed I had no idea what was going on while I was getting my hair and make-up done but when I walked outside the entire house was absolutely perfect! Beverly made everyone feel comfortable and she became part of the family in a very short amount of time… She coordinated the photography as well as the food and gifts so that all I had to do was enjoy the day with my husband! I highly recommend Beverly to be the person that you hire for the preparation for your wedding as well as wedding day, it was spectacular that I had no worries and I could be the princess that she told me I was going to be!

Cantor Geniene Shelley and Commissioner Bob Shelley

I wanted to thank you very much for all of your help and support that made Emma’ and Micah’s wedding so wonderful.

It was my first time through the process, and I needed so much guidance. Thank you so much for being there and helping with the tough decisions.

Thank you for keeping me organized – – that’s always a challenge.


Hello Beverly,
We are so fortunate to have met you when we did! You are an amazing wedding planner. The wedding turned out beautiful and elegant.

Everything came together and ran smoothly.

Most importantly, you kept us calm and on schedule. Our family was able to enjoy the wedding without a worry.

You are very professional and poised, and able to attend to every detail.

We appreciate your patience and expertise as you assisted us in handling the preparations… and you are a pleasure to work with.

Now we have wonderful memories to treasure. We are grateful to you for being a part of it.

We extend our sincere thanks to you, and we assure you that we are very happy to recommend you to others.

Many Thanks,
Roseanne and Ed Sopher

My husband and I got engaged on February 18, 2019. We were so excited and immediately started planning our wedding which was scheduled for March 21, 2020. In the beginning of our planning we contacted several wedding planners however we never really connected with anyone we spoke to. We kind of gave up on the idea of hiring a wedding planner until our caterer recommended Beverly.

Immediately, upon meeting Beverly we not only wanted her to help us plan our wedding, but we wanted her to be a part of our family. She spent hours going over the ins and outs of wedding planning with us even without receiving any money or commitment from us. Right from the start, she really showed us that she cared and was invested in making our dream wedding a reality. Her expertise made us feel comfortable but never made us feel like we were just another wedding to her. She got us organized and recommended great vendors to make our day even more special.

We felt so relaxed and at ease as our wedding day approached. As our day got closer, we were saddened to learn about the threat of COVID-19. Beverly, however, was so reassuring to us and helped us to remain as positive as possible as our wedding day became closer and closer. On March 13th, eight days before our wedding day, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our wedding.

I can say that my husband and I were devastated and extremely overwhelmed at this time.

We were so thankful to Beverly, who not only spent hours on the phone with me, trying to keep me calm but also went above and beyond to contact all our vendors to reschedule our day.

Without me even asking, everything I needed was taken care of. Beverly really let me focus on myself and process everything during this time and took care of everything else and more. My husband and I did decide to get married on March 21, 2020 as originally planned in a small ceremony.

I am so thankful I was able to be so relaxed and present that day. It would not have been possible without Beverly’s love, dedication, and commitment to making sure we were focused on each other and nothing else. Our situation was so unique. There is no handbook on how to deal with a pandemic threatening your wedding day. You really would have never known this with Beverly.

She is prepared for it all and she is truly someone you want to be there for you through one of the most beautiful times in your life.

We hope that no other bride or groom must go through what we went through, but life is unpredictable. You should be prepared with someone who will not only pick up the pieces for you but find the missing pieces to make you feel whole again. This person is Beverly. Beverly will be your wedding planner but when your wedding day is over, I promise you will want her in your family forever.

Much Love,

Carli & Jeffrey

Hi Bev,

Wow, I can’t believe our wedding was 2 weeks ago. I wish it was this coming weekend so I can do it all over again! Planning Sami and Jesse’s wedding with you was a dream from the start to the big day. I was a guest at my daughter’s wedding. My friends said that is unheard of. But it’s true! My sister said she never saw a mother of the bride eat at cocktail hour like I did. I owe this all to you. You had great suggestions for the wedding, and we listened.

I wish I had another daughter so I could do it all again, unfortunately I only have one.

I wish you the best of luck with your future party planning.

Thanks so much again!

Love you 😘

The Millers

Beverly was a huge help to us as our wedding coordinator. We had the chance to meet and speak many times leading up to the wedding. Being the very organized OCD person that I am, I kept following up with Beverly about things I was worried about that may go wrong, but she kept reassuring me everything was going to be perfect. She was able to make sure our day ran smoothly by being in contact with all vendors prior to the wedding day and creating a really great timeline for everyone. We had a few hiccups with our florist, and she made sure everything ran smoothly with them and even personally picked up my bouquet and hand-delivered it to me at the hotel. She kept me calm, cool, and collected when I was feeling anxious and always made sure my husband had a drink in hand! She checked on us all throughout the night and made sure all the vendors were doing what was needed. You usually hear about so many things that go wrong on the day of and I have to say we really didn’t have anything come up. The day ran smoothly, and we really appreciated everything she did for us to make sure that happened. Our wedding wouldn’t have been complete without Beverly and all of our other vendors. It was truly a dream come true wedding!

Jenna & Michael

Dear Bev (AKA our Florida Mom),

We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for planning and pulling together our fairytale wedding weekend.

People ask me if there is anything, I wish I could have done differently or if there were any major issues and I said-if I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. That is all because of you and the amazing job you did!! While my mom was certain she could do it all on her own, my dad and I persuaded her that given the fact she was in NY and the wedding was taking place in FL, she needed help. I also wanted to ensure that on the day of our wedding-my mom was able to enjoy herself and not have to stress about anything. Because of you-my parents had the best weekend of their lives.

The three of us (my mom, you and I) had a group text that lit up my phone every minute of every day in the final 3-month countdown to the wedding. I loved our group texts and brainstorming the best ways to execute things. I always felt assured that whatever we didn’t know, you had the best answer to our endless questions. You never got annoyed, and you were available 24/7 for us and for that I cannot thank you enough. I feel so fortunate that my parents were able to hire you and help make all of our dreams a reality.

From the food tasting, cake tasting, meeting with the florists, choosing logos, choosing napkins with monograms, choosing bridesmaids gifts, executing a timeline for the day of and for the rehearsal dinner, you truly did it ALL.

If I could give anyone advice when planning their special day, it would be to hire you. You have such knowledge and such great advice when it comes to planning special events, and I valued all of your opinions. You became part of our family towards the end of the wedding planning and because of you- Jesse and I were able to fully enjoy and appreciate our entire wedding weekend without having any stress or concerns in the world.

I wish we could go back in time and re-live the best weekend of our lives with you by our side! I do know that when the time comes when we have children of our own and have to plan their special events, if you aren’t retired by than, you will be our party planner!

We all have to get lunch soon and catch up, this is only the beginning of our friendship!


With lots of love and appreciation,
Sami & Jesse

Beverly, I mean every word of the review below. You were AMAZING and I cannot wait to hire you for our next simcha, whenever that may be.

“I highly recommend Beverly Diane as an event planner. She always went above and beyond expectations.

We hired Beverly to help plan and coordinate our daughter’s wedding, scheduled for June 2020…then COVID-19 hit.

Beverly was extremely flexible, helpful, and creative as we were all navigating the crisis. She was always available and accessible.

She assembled the best team I could have possibly imagined and executed a wedding that exceeded all expectations. It was magical.

We will definitely hire her (and her team) for our next occasion.”

Please feel free to give my name and number as a reference. You are great at your job!

Lisa Schreier

We hired Beverly for “the day of” and she definitely exceeded my expectations. She is so much more than just a “day of” coordinator.

She helped me get everything together for my wedding starting about a month before to make sure all the details were in order for my special day.

She reviewed all my contracts to make sure that on my wedding day everything went smoothly.

Beverly made my wedding day run from start to finish run smoothly.

She also took off a lot of the stress from myself and my parents which is exactly what we needed.

She really does care about her brides like they are her own and I would 100% recommend her to anyone that is looking for a wedding coordinator.

You won’t be disappointed if you hire Beverly because she is absolutely amazing!

Jamie & Zack


I’m not sure where to begin or what words to employ, so I’ll just start with saying that you helped make our wedding beyond anything we could have imagined. When one works with the right people and lets them do what they do best, magic is made. And magic is what you made for us! You had control over everything. With you there, I didn’t have a single care in the world.

You were a pleasure to work with, and we are so grateful for your professionalism, help, guidance, kindness, and support.

We truly think you are amazing! It was such a pleasure having you.

Beth Ginsburg Nemeroff

Dear Beverly,

This “love letter” cannot possibly express our appreciation and gratitude for you as our day-of wedding coordinator! We are so lucky and thankful that we met you during another wedding at our venue and cannot even begin to imagine how our wedding day would have gone without all of your help, advice, and knowledge! We are still in awe when we look back at what you did with us before and during the wedding. It was the most stress-free, incredible, and beautiful process! Your planning, preparation, and attention to detail were unbelievable.

Your help with all of the special and personal touches that we included in our wedding décor did not go unnoticed, and we received so many compliments from all of our guests on the monogrammed menus, napkins & of course the signature drink signs that you helped us design! You completely exceeded our expectations!

Working with you was an incredible experience, and we are so happy to have met you and will miss speaking to you daily!

Love always,
Joey & Steven Lewin <3

Beverly was the angel we didn’t know we needed on the most important day of our lives. She was there for both of our weddings and, we couldn’t have done it without her. She was there to guide us, ease our nerves, make us smile, and she simply said all the right things. We were so blessed to have her on our special days. Any bride and their families would be lucky to have her.

Shiri & Dorit


Beverly is a skilled and creative writer. She has written several articles highlighting my shop which resulted in increased sales. I would highly recommend Beverly. She was easy to work with she offered creative marketing ideas.

~ Beverly Sokol of Consign By Design

Dear Beverly,

Question: What’s a party without Beverly?

Answer: Nowhere near as successful and certainly not as much fun!

Thanks for all your help, sweetie!


Carol & Steve

Dear Beverly (big sis),

Thank you for helping to make our wedding a dream come true! You were so helpful with all of the little details–you made everything so easy for us! Working with you is such a pleasure! Having you by our sides throughout the day made us feel a sense of ease and we are forever grateful!

Warm Regards,

Jessie (Ginsburg) and Danny Barak

Beverly is one of those rare people who can come up with a fun, creative marketing idea and then actually pull it off from start to finish! She sweats the details and makes it happen. She cares more deeply about the success of her projects than just about anyone I’ve worked with. I think “Dedication” is her middle name. While she was in charge of many marketing duties, I worked with her specifically on radio commercials and ad schedules for Guliani’s Fine Jewelry.

Beverly always looked for great, effective messaging. I’ll miss working with her and would recommend Beverly to anyone.

You want her on your team!  

~ Jeff Taylor of Greater Media Charlotte: WBT (News/Talk) & WLNK (107.9 the Link)

Oh Beverly, I am just in absolute amazement, it was the best day of my life. I am so so grateful for you. Hunter and I are beyond amazed with how absolutely perfect our wedding day was. We are incredibly grateful for the extremely hard work put in by you and your team. When we started planning with you we had a very different idea of how this day would go, but with so much support and encouragement we moved forward with the most perfect intimate wedding. This day was better than anything I have ever dreamed of, and I am just so beyond happy. Even the power outage didn’t stop the party and gave everyone a unique experience to remember! Hunter and I are so blown away by the generosity of everyone who offered to help and stay later than planned. The timeline couldn’t have been more smooth or executed so well. Every one of our guests has been raving about this being the best wedding they have ever attended. You were beyond amazing and made our wedding so spectacular. We couldn’t have done it without you and are just so eternally grateful.

Thank you and love to all, 
Mr. and Mrs. Register 


I cannot thank you enough for making our dream wedding a reality. You made the planning process less stressful and more enjoyable. You were incredibly organized, and your timelines were such a huge help in making sure everything was accounted for.

You got us some great deals (seriously, that bus deal was unbelievable) and helped us save throughout the process and put our money where it mattered most.

You truly understood our vision for our special day and every time we met or spoke, I was instantly at ease.

Thank you for being there and holding our hand every step of the way. We are so grateful for your help and hope to stay in touch!


Shelly and Jordan

Beverly, thank you for making Jordanas’ day so special and spectacular. It was just what we wanted and you allowed us to enjoy the night as guests at our own party without worrying about a thing. It was simple, elegant, and covid safe. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to do an event.

You were everything I DID NOT think I needed but once you came into our lives I realized how valuable you were to have and how much I NEEDED you! ❤️

Anyone looking for an event planner who is organized, has elegant taste, is reliable, and listens to the clients’ needs should call you!

Terri Braun






Beverly Diane did an amazing job on my ‘1980’s Themed Birthday Party’! The decorations, slide show, music selection, food and drink suggestions, party favors, photographer, and entertainment recommendations made my party so special! Her attention to detail, organizational skills, follow-through, and friendly personality throughout the process made it an easy and enjoyable experience.

I would highly recommend BDC for any party planning needs.

Aron Auspitz

Dear Beverly, The wedding was a success because of you.  I am glad that I was open to the suggestion that I hire you to oversee the details and execute the many situations that needed to be addressed.  I am quite detailed and organized…however, there was no way that I was prepared to or capable of pulling everything together as you did so smoothly.  Because of you, I did enjoy the wedding and the events that led up to it.  I do not know when I will require your professional services, but when I do you will hear from me.  For now, I ask that you please stay in my life.

Always, CiCi 

Beverly, I knew when I chose you to assist with “The Big Day” you were truly the right person. No stone was left unturned, and yes, in a very short amount of time, you clearly stepped up to the plate even when I was out of town and any and all issues were resolved and for that I thank you. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the day ran ever so smoothly.  Let’s do stay in touch and please know I will not hesitate to refer you for any future events.

Once again thank you, Denise W.