jordan & jeff – fairy tales do come true

Jordan and Jeff began their storybook romance in college at the University of Central Florida. As much as they would have loved to be married right near the “infamous mouse’s house”, they came home to say their vows in front of all their family and friends. The ceremony and reception were held at The Venue […]

here’s a tip!

The big day of an event is finally arriving. Everything is scheduled to be in place. It’s time to just tie up those loose ends such as being sure everyone’s wardrobe fits properly, shoes, jewelry, and other items are organized, and any other considerations have been made. Tipping definitely falls into the “other considerations” category. […]

the wedding planner

The first thing that may come to mind when one says, Wedding Planner is the outrageously funny and over the top “Franck” in the 1991 movie, Father of the Bride. Then 10 years later, Jennifer Lopez filled that role in The Wedding Planner. …and now the fabulous, chi, chi, chi, Kevin Lee, celebrity wedding planner […]

be our guest

Most would agree that Disney usually gets things right. We definitely agree that they were right on point in the classic scene in Beauty and The Beast where Lumiere sings the famous lyrics, “Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now we invite you […]

arielle & geoffrey – home sweet home

Arielle and Geoffrey’s wedding was intended to be in a Palm Beach synagogue with over 300 guests, but COVID-19 had other plans. After much uncertainty, the planning continued, and the venue ultimately shifted to the bride’s home. The backyard was going to be transformed to host the most romantic ceremony and reception. The color palette […]